I Track my Health, and not just fitness. SanketLife, built to track Heart Rate, Fitness - Stress coping ability, of course when you need, ECG too.

SanketLife Mobile app enables free Data logging for daily Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, save your reports. Regular monitoring trends reveal much more.

Smart Bluetooth 4.0

Smart algorithm allows direct connection with Sanketlife device and Mobile App. Means that you dont have to manually pair or key in any code what so ever.


With our state of art Machine learning, SanketLife starts recognizing you with usage. Hence it means you spend less and less time in daily monitoring, because Sanketlife pre fills things for you and brings you customized results.


Full Charge in less than 30 minutes. Single charge lasts upto 100 readings or a month

Stress Coping ability

In a minute usage, daily, Sanketlife starts detecting your Stress coping abilities. Note that nearly all disease starts when our Stress coping ability decrease.

Are you happy or Depressed

Without even we knowing till very late, depression may set in our subconscious mind. There is just one way to detect that, and its by regular monitoring. Heart Rate Variability has been age old method to identify Stress, Depression or Happiness quotients.

SanketLife Care for you

We provide best in class, Customer happiness. Just in case you end up damaging device till one year, just call us and we ill be happy to replace that for free.

Fitness is not just how many steps you have taken, or how was your heart rate. Its only holistic approach towards health that fitness comes and stays with you.

Wear the watch that reflects you. Don't wear a watch or band, just to track your heart rate or steps. Sanketlife is pocket size, so keep it in your pocket and use when ever you want. No need to bother your wrist 24x7, to track your "Fitness"

Just touch for 15 seconds or 1 Minute and get complete analysis. Share the report or just keep it with you. One device, use upto 5 family members for free.

Credit card sized

Credit card sized. Now Keep it in your pocket and use anytime anywhere.

Full 12-Lead ECG

Why just take single lead or incomplete leads when Sanlet can measure complete 12-Leads of ECG with accuracy.

ECG on your smartphone

No need to buy separate tablets and special mobiles, get your ECG on your own Smart phone( Android/iOS)

SanketLife Credit Card sized ECG Monitor

ECG by touch

No "credit card" works with wires!! SanketLife is completely wireless and leadless.

Long Battery Life

One full charge can last for over 1000 ECGs. Extremely power efficient and takes just 45 minutes to charge.

Stress Monitor

Why keep your ECG monitor just to measure ECG when it can give your day today stress level as well.


The only training that is required to use Sanketlife is Normal Smartphone operating ability. Our present SanketLife users age from 20 years to 79 years. They are able to operate them individually without any external help. Once the SanketLife mobile app is downloaded and registered, only one click in mobile, starts taking readings from Sanketlife device. No Bluetooth pairing or code is required to operate. The readings finish in 15 seconds or 1 minute and you get a PDF report generated with results

SanketLife provides the most in depth interpretation, far exceeding any other device. The interpretation is even more powerful than conventional bulky and costly machines. The 1 minute fitness option, not only gives accurate 1 minute rhythm, it also analyses for HRV time domain parameters like RMSDD.


SanketLife generates Shareable report in PDF format. Its of few KBs, never exceeding 50KB. Hence you can easily share the report in E-Mail, Whatsapp and even SMS. SanketLife also provides inbuilt service of Review by reputed Sanktlife Doctor panel at a very nominal extra payment

The users are provided with a one page user manual. Whenever you purchase device, we will call you at the time of delivery device and will handhold you to download the Mobile app and perform 2-3 initial readings, so that you are confident in on boarding.

Complete whole measurementin 3 steps

You do not need to attach any lead or gel anywhere. Hence SanketLife provides you a neat, clean and very portable tool to track your health anytime and anyplace.

ECG on your phone

Download Mobile App

Download App named Sanket in iOS Appstore or Sanket ECG in Google Playstore.

Purchase Device

Purchase device from Amazon.in by searching Sanket ECG monitor or through buy now link in this website

Measure & Share

Put your thumbs on the device and start measuring ECG. Get report gneretaed in 15 seconds or 1 minute

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