ECG monitoring

Convertible to wired

Real-time detection

Touch based product

Cloud backup of reports

Medically tested

Generate and share PDF report with doctors in seconds

In house team for quick analysis of the reports


Innovation Rooted in Science

Our innovation incorporates cutting-edge technology to provide the user a seamless heart monitoring experience.

Accurate Cardiac Health Monitoring Just by Touch

  • 1/6/12 Lead ECG by Touch
  • Most Detailed ECG Analysis Instantly
  • Easy-to-understand Report, no expertise required

Keychain-Size 12 Lead ECG Device

  • Easy to Carry
  • Smooth & Hassle-free ECG, No Gels & Wires needed
  • Anytime, Anywhere Monitoring

Detect 100+ Heart Diseases

  • Real-Time ECG Waveform on your Smartphone
  • Early Detect Heart Problems
  • Spot Abnormalities Instantly

Cloud Backup & AI Technology

  • AI Generated Reports
  • Seamlessly Track Trends
  • Auto Backup of Medical History

Get Doctor's Review on SanketLife App

  • Report Analysis by Cardiologist within Minutes
  • Connect to Doctors Instantly
  • Get Shareable Reports

Medical Professionals

  • Detect More Diseases than other ECG Device
  • Enhanced Remote Monitoring using Agatsa AI
  • Monitoring in Ambulances -Real-Time Patient Data for Timely Intervention

Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Live ECG, Heart Rate, VO2 Max, HRV Monitoring
  • Tracking Pre & Post Workout Progress
  • Monitoring Exercise Stress

High-Risk Patients

  • Instant Detection of 15 Fatal Heart conditions
  • Accuarte ECG Results in seconds
  • 24x7 Cardiologist Connect for ECG Result - Hybrid Technology - Works with Touch and ECG leads both

Young Adults

  • Monitor your Stress Levels and Anxiety
  • Find if it stems from a Hectic Lifestyle or Underlying Heart Disease
  • Check Heart Health On the Go, or even in the Office

Empowering health solutions for every journey

We are committed to making universal cardiac health monitoring a reality

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12 lead

Touch/Lead Based

For Anytime ECG Monitoring

Health360 by Agatsa, the ultimate all-in-one device for managing your health. From tracking vital signs like BP, SpO2, Temperature, Breathing rate, Recovery to monitoring heart health and more. Learn how Health360 simplifies your health routine with its advanced features and seamless integration. Stay on top of your health everyday with Health360.

₹ 25000/-( 20.00% off)

₹ 19999/-
Best Seller
SanketLife Pro+ Combo

SanketLife Pro+ Combo

12 lead

Touch/Lead Based

For Anytime ECG Monitoring

Experience the future of cardiac care with the SanketLife Pro Plus Combo – a miniaturized and digital ECG setup for Doctors & professionals. This device allows you to effortlessly take 12-lead ECGs, ensuring precise and reliable heart monitoring. Its compact design & latest digital ECG technology makes report sharing for timely medical intervention possible anytime, anywhere.

₹ 16000/-( 6.25% off)

₹ 14999/-
Best Seller
Sanket Life 2.0

Sanket Life 2.0

12 lead

Touch based

Keychain sized

A keychain sized, touch-based cardiac health monitor that measures Heart Rate, HRV and Stress Levels with optional 24x7 ECG Reporting by Cardiologist. It can be used by multiple users and makes the process of heart monitoring easy, quick, and accessible.

₹ 5900/-( 15.27% off)

₹ 4999/-
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Sanket Life App

One application for comprehensive insights on your cardiac health.

ECG report screen zoom in

An Electrocardiogram report provides information about the heart's electrical activity. This includes details about the P-wave, QRS complex, and T-wave, which represent different phases of the heart's electrical cycle. An ECG can indicate the heart's rhythm, rate, and any abnormalities.

12 lead ECG report - Generate Report PDF Instantly - Easily Shareable via WhatsApp, Email, etc - A4 size printing

Our Certifications, Our Pride

We proudly hold the ISO13485 certification, a testament to our robust information security management system. This certification underscores our commitment to safeguarding customer data, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability in all our e-commerce operations.

ISO 13485

  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Avoid over training
  • Measure exercise stress
  • Goal and progress tracking

ISO 9001

  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Avoid over training
  • Measure exercise stress
  • Goal and progress tracking


  • Monitoring heart rate
  • Avoid over training
  • Measure exercise stress
  • Goal and progress tracking

What Medical Experts Say About Us

“Multivital 2.0: Enhancing Rural Healthcare”

In remote areas with limited medical facilities, the Multivital 2.0's ECG feature provides nearly 99% accurate readings, significantly improving the quality of care I can deliver to my patients

Dr. Navazish Ali

Purchased Product: Sanketlife 2.0

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What is the difference between SanketLife 2.0 and SanketLife ProPlus?

SanketLife 2.0 is a touch-based 12 Lead ECG device while SanketLife ProPlus can be used as both touch-based and lead-based ECG device.

How do I setup the SanketLife ECG Device?

SanketLife ECG Device auto-connects with your mobile. Simply allow access to Bluetooth and GPS on your mobile and start heart monitoring.

Can SanketLife ECG predict heart attacks?

anketLife ECG records the heart's electrical activity, which can be interpreted by a doctor in under 10 mins. If any abnormalities are detected in heart, you can get medical intervention within the golden hour.

When should I use SanketLife?

SanketLife ECG should be used for regular monitoring. Make it a part of your daily routine to keep a check on your heart health. With SanketLife, it takes only 30 seconds to know how your heart is doing.

How do I share the ECG report with my doctor?

The 12 Lead ECG report can be generated instantly on the SanketLife application. It can be shared over WhatsApp and Email easily.

Can I get a demo of the device?

Yes, we are happy to provide a demonstration of the device. Connect with us at 08069289999 or request a demo here [add link].

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