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ECG is the first test to be done in any kind of heart problem or symptoms of a problem. So why make measuring ECG complicated? Here we bring SanketLife, which is the first Portable EKG device in the World to-

Masure 12-Lead ECG just by TOUCH

Wirelessly connected to ANY smartphone (Android \ iOS)

Instant Report & Share

Battery operated

The pocket-sized SanketLife portable ECG monitor allows you to take heart readings from anywhere, the moment symptoms appear.

Portable ECG Monitor

 ” We do not just build technology we design it, test it and then re-test it. The device is CE Certified & 98% Accurate”

12-Lead ECG Placement guide

How to Use SanketLife™ for 12 Lead ECG Measurement!

If you thought Touch ECG is only for Single Lead or Heart Rhythm measurement, we bring forth our innovation which measures full 12-Lead ECG just by touching the sensors at different points on the chest.

Just open SanketLife Mobile App in your Android or iPhone and Touch SanketLife Device to Start Recording ECG. ECG can be long Lead up to 1 Minute, any Lead for 15 Seconds or a Complete 12 LEAD i.e. Lead I, II, III, V1, V2, V3, V4, V5, V6, aVR, aVF, aVL, with all PQRST Parameters. In case a Cardiologist opinion is to be sought, its available within 10 minutes on Click of a button.

How to Hold SanketLife Portable ECG Monitor for Chest Leads?

   For V1 – V6 and Lead 2

Just place your right thumb on the right sensor and place the side sensor on different points as shown in the above diagram on the chest for different leads.

handheld ecg monitor

Many Features; One Device

 SanketLife Portable ECG Monitor is making it easier than ever to take control of your heart health.

See How Take a Medical-Grade ECG/EKG anytime Using SanketLife Portable ECG Monitor

Why Choose SanketLife?

SanketLife is not just loaded with smart features and is utmost convenient to use, see how it will benefit you and your medical practices

medical grade ecg monitor

SanketLife ECG Report

HRV Report

12 – Lead ECG Report

What doctors say about SanketLife ECG Monitor

I use sanket in field to check field engineers and also in rural camps. It has helped in complete change of 10 of my patients on field in accurate.

Dr Pawan Kumar

SanketLife ECG device is very handy and accurate and can be carried for patient home care. I use it daily for screening my patients.

Dr N.K. Yadu

Sanket is very useful to quickly take ECG in clinic. I use SanketLife 4 to 5 times in my clinic. It is very helpful for house visits also.

Dr C K Ramaswamy

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