Sanketlife™-World’s ONLY Pocket 12-Lead ECG device for RAPID assessment of Cardiac health and fitness Anytime, Anywhere (Marine Blue)

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  • Smallest 12-Lead ECG device- World’s ONLY and SMALLEST 12-Lead ECG device which is medically tested and has 98% accuracy. It is Doctor’s FIRST choice and is being used by over 600 doctors to quickly screen patients for Cardiac problems and a boon for Heart patients to monitor Heart Health ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.
  • Single Lead ECG- Atrial Fibrillation or Arrhythmia can be easily differentiated from a Normal Heart Rythm just by touch of 2 sensors. Share the report to Sanket DOCTOR and get a review/analysis by one click in just 10 mins. Get this peace of Mind in your pocket today.
  • Most accurate Heart Rate monitor- Heart rate is most ACCURATE when measured from ECG. Get the best Heart rate monitor and monitor Health along with fitness starting today.
  • Heart Rate Variability/Stress- HRV is the new way to track your well being and stress. Measure HRV or Stress levels and track your day to day well being/fitness in a form recommended by doctors.
  • Long Battery Life- One battery enables you to take upto 1000 ECGs, and no power, wires or leads are required to operate the device.


For More Details Call Us on 91 11-39235223. or Write to us on info@agatsa.com.


What is SanketLife?
Agatsa manufactures easy-to-use, connected medical device SanketLife which is capable to take medical grade/ diagnostic ECG and share the report to doctors/ family/friends via smartphone. The device acquires medical data through sensors and sends it to a smartphone for displaying and to the cloud for processing. The results are processed and displayed in a readable format so that the report/results can be shared/reviewed and actioned in a timely manner.
Along with this SanketLife app provides an accurate Heart Rate, HRV, and other ECG parameters like PR, QT, QTc R-R intervals etc. 
Why should one go for SanketLife?
Anybody can use it at his home, generate a report, share it to our doctor platform for review and quick advise/online consultation. 
  • Pocket, easy-to-use device Device which gives a full medical grade/validated ECG.
  •  No hassles of leads, wires or gel.
  • Anyone can use it at home, without training.
  • Monitor stress level.
  • View and share ECG with doctors instantly through your smartphones and get an instant review/online consultation.
  • Share health trends with doctors and help them keep a tab on your health.
  • Maintain data/ history on our cloud.
Who can use this?
The device serves/ helpful for people who may be at risk of heart disease because there is a family history of heart disease, or because they smoke, are overweight, or have diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure.
Also, the physicians can use to quickly screen their patients for any possible heart problem.
Cardiologists use it to monitor and track their patients remotely and provide remote/home healthcare
Very useful device for remote/rural monitoring 
It gives a very accurate Heart rate and heart rate variability which gives an accurate picture of how healthy is one’s heart; the ultimate indicator on one’s Fitness.
1) General Physicians
2) Cardiologists
3) Heart patients
4) Fitness Freaks
5) NGOs
6) Diagnostic centers
7) Remote health camps
8) Home health/monitoring companies
9) Clinics/Hospitals
10) Anybody who wishes to monitor and track cardiac health


Intent Diagnosis of SanketLife.


  • Enlargement of the heart
  • Abnormal rhythm (arrhythmia) – rapid, slow or irregular heartbeats 
  • Damage to the heart such as when one of the heart’s arteries is blocked (coronary occlusion)
  • Poor blood supply to the heart
  • Abnormal position of the heart
  • Heart inflammation – pericarditis or myocarditis
  • Cardiac arrest during the emergency or intensive care
  • Disturbances of the heart’s conducting system
  • Imbalances in the blood chemicals (electrolytes) that control heart activity.
  • Heart Rate
  • Heart rate Variability
  • Trends of Blood Pressure, HR, ECG etc.




Certifications: ETSI EN 300 328 V1.91:2015, CE, EC13.
1-year free replacement warranty.
For an accurate diagnosis, doctor interpretation is advised for SanketLife recordings and data. Sanketlife is PATENTED technology, on ECG by two simultaneous touches. SanketLife is developed and marketed by Agatsa ( An Indian Innovation startup)

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Dimensions 3 x 4 x 5 cm


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