SanketLife - Inclusive Innovation for those who need it most

SanketLife is credit card sized, does not requires any lead, gel or any Re-occurring expenses.

Hence it becomes ideal choice for your health kit, making you go #digital and #affordable

Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award 2015

  • Cardiovascular diseases are predicted to be the largest cause of death and disability in India by 2020. Amidst the rising incidents of cardiac diseases – even among younger people – there is a pressing need to affordably, speedily and accurately monitor the heart health of Indians. Agatsa Software Pvt. Ltd. took on this great challenge and created a disruptive high-tech innovative solution for personal cardiac care – the ‘Sanket’ electrocardiogram (ECG) device. Sanket is a credit card-sized heart monitor, which acts like a portable ECG machine, making it possible to monitor the heart condition, making it as simple as monitoring the body temperature. The high-tech 3-lead ECG recorder connects to a smartphone wirelessly, and displays and records ECG graphs on a smartphone. The ECG report can be shared instantly with a doctor via e-mail, Bluetooth – or even via WhatsApp! The affordable device marks a dramatic shift in the way we approach cardiac care – doing away with expensive ECG machines, distant hospitals or laboratories, and skilled technicians. Sanket is all set to bring about a revolution in cardiac care and disrupt this space.

Track Cardiac Health

Track Cardiac health like never before. Never before it was so easy to touch and get 12 Lead ECG and Stress measure in just a minute. Not only this, all logged in data are available in Web based portal too, with different levels of Aggregations, cohort analysis. This enables map a geography for various possible medical needs or to know health of a corporate.

Innovative and very useful to both patients and doctors.In addition,there is a huge potential for its use by social workers in health care working in remote rural areas,personal trainers for initial assessment of their clients before prescribing exercises etc.products. Conveniently redefine premium supply chains before cross-platform meta-services.