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You are the busiest person in the world, and you strive to devote more time on patient interaction. Installing an ECG machine, a lab technician and keeping regular supplies like Paper, Leads, Gel can soon wear you out, both physically as well as financially. Sanket frees you from all the hassles, just by touch!

Our proud customer list comprises of 100s of Doctors!

The doubt is out as Doctors continue to appreciate the convenience and portability offered by Sanket. It never lets you down. Rarely does it happen otherwise, in which case our 24 x 7 Customer Happiness Team is here for rescue! Feel free to ring us anytime @ 011-39235223.

SanketLife doctors spread across India and beyond

  • Doctors have been part of SanketLife since its inception. This help Sanketlife take he shape that its is today. Numerous doctors have initially beta tested, participated in Medical trials. It is no wonder that doctors whole over world are now appreciating the usability of Sanket. The present Indian maps shows geo graphical locations, where doctors are using Sanketlife

Why do Doctors prefer Sanket ECG Monitor?

Sanket provides 12 Lead ECG. Anywhere. Anytime. A PDF report is generated which can be shared with anyone across the world with just a tap of a button. As if this wasn't enough, we take it one step further and let Doctors review cardiac patients on Sanket platform. You can chat with the patient within the app and provide paid consultation.


Credit Card Sized! It doesn't get better than that!

  • No Lead or Gel is required, hence doctors just take it in pocket wherever they go.
  • No reoccurring cost like Paper as in a conventional ECG machine.
  • Consumer oriented device, hence doctors can rent the device, just like Holters.
  • Increased patient care, hence better patient loyalty.


Trust is a pre-requisite in healthcare. We have won multiple awards and we are recognized. You can rest assured, we're here to stay.

  • Anjani Mashelkar Inclusive Innovation Award 2015 | View Here
  • Medical Trials Published
  • FDA in process
  • Patent Published

Customer Happiness

We take customer delight seriously. A dedicated Customer Happiness Team is at your service 24 x 7. Feel free to call us anytime @ 011-39235223

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  • One Year Free Replacement
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Why Patients prefer Sanket

People are aware of health issues and make a point to keep everything in check.

Talk about savings

Until now you had to take out time from your busy schedule to visit a clinic, whereas Sanket, is at your service at all times!

Best in its Class

Sanket is the only 12 Lead ECG Monitor with no wires and it is small enough to fit in your pocket with extra space to spare!

Easy To Use

Using Sanket to measure ECG or Stress is as easy as taking a selfie! No complicated steps - AT ALL! Perfect for domestic use.